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Athletes who are playing high school volleyball are requested to follow the guidelines of your state’s high school athletic association.  Each state in the Region is similar but not the same.  If you have questions about your state’s high school athletic associations rules and policies concerning participation in outside of high school volleyball events, please ask the respective state high school athletic association or your school’s athletic director.  It is important to know the rules and play by the rules.


The graphic is a broad overview of tryout start dates across the Region for the 2023-2024 USA Volleyball season. North Country Region club directors have continued to support when a junior level athlete may begin tryout:

Junior Boys Volleyball - September 10, 2023

Junior Girls Volleyball - see graphic

  • Last Sunday of October for players whose USA Volleyball age division is 14 and younger
  • Conclusion of the State High School Volleyball Tournament for players whose USA Volleyball age division is 15 and older.

If you ARE playing high school volleyball, then be aware of the following:

  • Minnesota State High School League, North Dakota High School Activities Association, South Dakota High School Athletic Association, and Michigan High School Athletic Association state that an athlete who is participating in high school athletics may not participate in an organized manner or tryout until after the  respective state’s high school volleyball tournament is completed

Tryout Policy

Junior Boys

  • All age divisions: The first tryout for forming of teams may be held the first Sunday after Labor Day or after.

Junior Girls

  • 14 and under, no tryouts, or forming of teams, may occur until the last Saturday in October.  approved 3/29/20 BOD Meeting
  • 15’s-18’s no tryouts, or forming of teams,  may occur until the day after a state’s high school tournament (in the state in which the club is located) is complete or until the date which is permitted by a particular State’s High School Association rules, whichever is later.

Junior Players & Families

  • It is highly recommended to continue to check the tryout schedule because updates are completed often.
  • Contact the individual listed on the tryout schedule to confirm dates, times, locations and tryout registration process of any tryout dates you are interested in attending.
  • If you attend a tryout and do not make a team, you may still go to other tryouts.
  • Only attend tryouts for clubs/teams that you are seriously considering playing for.
  • Become familiar with the NCR Letter of Commitment as some clubs will utilize this as their binding commitment during tryouts.
  • Do not sign multiple NCR Letter of Commitment.
  • Once you sign a NCR Letter of Commitment, you are committed to that club/team for the duration of the current season.  Do your research and ask good questions before the day of tryouts.
  • It would also be helpful and informative to review and become familiar with the Junior Policies.