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North Country Region Parent Page Philosophy

Within NCR's mission of Service, Opportunity, Growth, Education, and Safety, we realize that we will and can only achieve this mission through the strength of the groups within the region. Those groups being our Club Directors, Coaches, Officials, Parents, and the Athletes. 
The goal of this area is to not only centrally locate and personalize a space for parents to find (almost) all pertinent information for them and their athletes, but to also support, grow, and teach the parents in the region. This area will continue to evolve as we learn more about what Athletes, Coaches, and Club Directors want Parents to know and what Parents need and want to know themselves.
The culture of Volleyball in North Country Region should be molded and dictated in the likeness of the children and Athletes that we're all doing this for. We don't and shouldn't be doing this for ourselves, but for our daughters and sons who play Volleyball because they love the game, competition, playing with their friends and getting better everyday. Let's keep that in mind and do it for them! "As many as possible, as long as possible, in as good of an environment as possible...".