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The North Country Region annual Region Advancement Clinic will continue to feature a hybrid format with a classroom session and some on-court observation and experience during high-level scrimmages.  As always, the Region Advancement Clinic is a training opportunity provided for our NCR-USAV Officials free of charge. 

Date: Monday, December 5, 2022
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm 
Location: Hope Fieldhouse in Rosemount, MN
All New & Provisional Officials should register for and participate in this clinic.  Regional Officials may choose to participate in this clinic and/or the National Advancement Clinic.  National & Junior National Officials are required to take the National Advancement Clinic; however, you are welcome to participate in this clinic as well.   

Beth Modaff

Officials Coordinator

Phone: 952-831-9150 x6


North Country Region will offer a Paid Officials On-Court Evaluation & Training for our NEW officials early in January 2023.   Registration link will be visible below as soon as it is open. 

All NEW/APPRENTICE Officials should participate in a FREE training and evaluation.  Working with the NCR Officials Training Team will be impactful and give you confidence as you jump into the 2023 officiating season.   

North Country Region will offer a Paid Officials On-Court Evaluation & Training for our PROVISIONAL and REGIONAL officials in January 2023 as well.   Registration link will be visible below once registration is open. 

All PROVISIONAL officials who are looking to advance to the Regional official level need to be evaluated on-court by the NCR Officials Training Team.  Registering to officiate an NCR event is a great opportunity to take care of your on-court evaluation. 

REGIONAL officials should be evaluated every other year to maintain their North Country Region Regional status.  Registering to officiate an NCR Event provides a great opportunity to complete your biennial evaluation. 

Please note, training and evaluation is FREE of charge to our NCR-USAV officials; however, officials are not paid for matches where they are being trained and evaluated.  

Please reach out to the NCR Officials Director, Beth Modaff, if you have questions about On-Court Evaluation & Training. 


Date:  February 10-12, 2023
Location:  Minneapolis Convention Center
Corresponding Event: NCR's Ace of Clubs Volleyball Festival

The USAV Officials National Training Camp will return to North Country Region during the Ace of Clubs Volleyball Festival at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Mark your calendars now to participate in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn from the best and advance your officiating career.  Keep reading to learn more about this experience from our 2021 USAV Officials National Training Camp!

During our SmackFest Event on February 6-7, 2021, North Country Region-USA Volleyball had the privilege to host the 2021 USAV Officials Training Camp featuring the USAV National Training Team - some of the top officials in the nation!   It was an amazing weekend filled with one-on-one training and conversations resulting in incredible growth for every official who participated.   The camper spectrum included a wide range of ages (as young as 16) and experience levels.  One of our young campers, Courtney (age 18),  shared the following about her experience: 

"The USAV Officials National Training Camp was an incredible experience. Being a brand new referee along with being so young naturally made me pretty nervous, but there was no reason to be. The community and overall atmosphere was so inviting. Everyone was eager to help me learn and support me along in my journey. When I wasn't officiating everyone was goofing around and having a great time, but once the reffing began it was time to focus and you could feel that. Being a new ref means I needed quite a few corrections, but the corrections were always constructive and followed by a compliment that kept my confidence high. Leaving the camp I am so much more confident in my skills and feel like I am a part of this incredible team and community."

If you are an official, do not miss the opportunity to be a part of this camp when it returns in 2023!  


Ever wondered what it takes to become an international volleyball official?  Would you like to know more about officiating using the international rules, including how to keep score?  Would you like more training in using headsets and how to more effectively communicate during high level matches?  

NCR offered our first International Officials Training Clinic during our NCR High Performance Selection Camp at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul in July of 2022.   The NCR Training team hosted an International Rules, Techniques, and Scoring clinic followed by on court training.  All participants received training on using the international scoresheet, the FIVB techniques and rules, and tips and tricks for officiating fast moving, high level volleyball, and the use of headsets to improve communication with their officiating team. 

Participants also learned more about the selection process and pathways to become an international official, and two of our NCR Officials were chosen to officiate at the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships in Tulsa.

This type of training is good for all levels of officials and all codes of volleyball.  Participating can help you make your way onto the list of officials invited to attend the High Performance event where the next generation of athletes and officials are selected for men's and women's USA Volleyball.

North Country Region plans to host another International Officials Training Clinic in July 2023 - stay tuned!