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CROSSNET - It's Here!


CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game. It is the revolutionary new sport that combines all the action of volleyball with the beloved blacktop recess game, four square. The perfect game for all ages, CROSSNET has a height-adjustable four-way volleyball net making it easy to transition from regulation men’s, women’s, and children’s height in a flash. CROSSNET is the perfect tool for jousting and sharpening volleyball skills, as well as being great entertainment at an outdoor bbq or beach day. Learn more at


It only takes four people to play. Designate each quadrant of the net area (e.g., each square) as numbers 1 through 4.  Assign each player to a square to start. You can have more than 4 players too - just have them line up outside of square 1 and they will step in when someone is eliminated. 

The objective is to make it to the fourth square, where a player can serve and score. When in the fourth square, the player serves diagonally to the second square, who then returns the ball to any other square. Each player is only allowed one hit per return. When the ball lands on the ground, the player who misplays it is eliminated and either returns to the first square or the back of the line. 

The remaining players rotate clockwise. Whenever another player is eliminated, the fourth square receives a point. Players keep their points when eliminated. Play to 11 and win by two!