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Tryout Information

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Market your club's tryout information by completing the tryout form. Note: USA Volleyball secondary liability insurance can be utilized when all participants have met USA Volleyball membership and safety standards.

2021--2022 Junior Club Tryout Information

Club Name Club Gender Tryout Date Age Division(s) for Tryout Date Indicate Specific Times for each Age Division for Tryout Date Name of Tryout Location Address City/Town State Tryout Fee Contact Primary Phone Contact Email Website or Link to Online Registration (if applicable)
Vital Volleyball Club Junior Girl Club 10/31 & 11/14 11s, 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s, 18s 11-14s : 9-11am15s : 8-10am16s : 9-11am17/18s : 10am-12pm Champions Hall 7000 Washington Ave S Eden Prairie MN $20 3109369634
MINNESOTA VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY Junior Girl Club OCTOBER 31ST – Age 14 & UNDER; NOVEMBER 14TH – Age 15 & UP 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s, 18s OCTOBER 31ST – Age 14 and younger divisions NOVEMBER 14TH – Age 15 and older divisions TIME: 8AM TO 11AM NORTHDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL - DOOR #3 11301 Dogwood St NW COON RAPIDS MN $30 early reg., $40 late reg., $50 walk-in 612-723-1613
Acceleration Volleyball Junior Girl Club 10/31/2021 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s, 14s 12 and younger 9-10:30am13s 11am-1pm14s 1:30pm-3:30pm MN Mash 335 Industrial Blvd Sauk Rapids MN $25.00 320-290-4351
Acceleration Volleyball Junior Girl Club 11/14/2021 15s, 16s, 17s, 18s 15s 8:30am-11am16s 11am-1:30pm17s/18s 2pm-4:30pm Sartell Community Center 850 19th Street South Sartell MN $25.00 320-290-4351


Athletes who are playing high school volleyball are requested to follow the guidelines of your state’s high school athletic association.  Each state in the Region is similar but not the same.  If you have questions about your state’s high school athletic associations rules and policies concerning participation in outside of high school volleyball events, please ask the respective state high school athletic association or your school’s athletic director.  It is important to know the rules and play by the rules.


The graphic is a broad overview of tryout start dates across the Region for the 2020-2021 USA Volleyball season.  If you DO NOT play high school volleyball, then your tryout date can start October 25th or November 1.


If you ARE playing high school volleyball, then be aware of the following:

  • Minnesota has created a one-time exemption for Minnesota high school volleyball players to tryout on November 1 and/or November 8
  • If you are playing high school volleyball in North Dakota, South Dakota, or the U.P. of Michigan, then tryouts may begin after your respective state’s high school tournament is completed
  • Minnesota High School Athletic League is not hosting a high school state tournament in 2020
  • For Minnesota high school volleyball players who did not tryout on November 1 or on November 8, tryouts can occur at the conclusion of the high school season (sectionals)

Junior Players & Families

  • It is highly recommended to continue to check the tryout schedule because updates are completed often.
  • Contact the individual listed on the below tryout schedule to confirm dates, times, locations and tryout registration process of any tryout dates you are interested in attending.
  • If you attend a tryout and do not make a team, you may still go to other tryouts.
  • Only attend tryouts for clubs/teams that you are seriously considering playing for.
  • Become familiar with the NCR Letter of Commitment as some clubs will utilize this as their binding commitment during tryouts.
  • Do not sign multiple NCR Letter of Commitment.
  • Once you sign a NCR Letter of Commitment, you are committed to that club/team for the duration of the current season.  Do your research and ask good questions before the day of tryouts.
  • It would also be helpful and informative to review and become familiar with the Junior Policies.

Tryout Policy

Junior Boys

  • All age divisions: The first tryout for forming of teams may be held the first Sunday after Labor Day or after.

Junior Girls

  • 14 and under, no tryouts, or forming of teams, may occur until the last Saturday in October.  approved 3/29/20 BOD Meeting
  • 15’s-18’s no tryouts, or forming of teams,  may occur until the day after a state’s high school tournament (in the state in which the club is located) is complete or until the date which is permitted by a particular State’s High School Association rules, whichever is later.


Club Directors

Continuing from the  2018 -2020 club seasons, North Country Region will be in compliance with USAV Insurance requirements for all Region sanctioned tryouts. 
North Country Region will post tryout information for any club. Please note that clubs with a # next to their name will be utilizing USAV/NCR Insurance and have acknowledged that they are in good standing with USAV/NCR Insurance requirements. 
* It is the responsibility of each Club to make sure that ALL tryout participants meet the following criteria. Recommendation is to record each tryout participant and their USAV member number. 

Tryout Staff

All adults who are actively participating at the club tryout must have:

  • Current USAV full or fall membership*
  • USA Volleyball approved background check
  • Completed/Current  SafeSport certification 

*2019-2020 USAV full membership ends 10/31/20, fall membership expires 12/31/2020

Junior Players

All junior participants must have either: 

  •  A current USAV full membership* 
  • Or purchased a USAV fall membership which expires 12/31/2020
  • A fall membership can be upgraded to a USAV full membership after being selected to a team. 

*2019-2020 USAV full membership expires 10/31/19