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Online Officiating Training Instructions

Step 1

Become a current NCR member by completing the NCR/USAV membership registration.

Step 2

Access Webpoint by logging in. Request a Login to create your user name and password if first time logging into Webpoint. 

NOTE: Before enrolling in any course, click View Current Certifications/Badges on the home page to see if you have completed any training last season (see image). This will display any Certifications you may have completed along with the certification expiration date. 


Step 3

Click Region Clinics options on the left side of the screen near the bottom of the options menu, then select Region Ref/Score Clinics (see image).

• Find the Coach Officiating Training ONLY or Club Director Officiating Training ONLY and click Participant Registration to register for the course.

• The course will show a price of $0. Click Submit. 

• Click Register.

Step 4

Once registered for the correct training, click the red USAV Academy button on the bottom of the left side options and that will take you to the proper courses needed to complete the training.

Step 5

On Home page of your USAV Academy, run the system test to ensure computer is set-up and will run the training properly. Chrome tends to be the best platform to use for this particular training while Firefox works well for others (please stay away from Internet Explorer). Most importantly, you need a fast, stable internet connection so doing your training on the phone will most likely not work well overall.

Step 6

On My Account page of your USAV Academy, begin watching courses by clicking go and watching each slide all the way through in order to get credit for each course.
NOTE: At the end of each course, the instructions will ask to close the window and provide a link to return to course details page. Please be sure to complete this step in order to get credit for the course.  Courses do not need to be completed at once as your progress is saved. To return to your courses, simply login to Webpoint then click the red USAV Academy button to continue the trainings.


Step 7

Paid Officials: Once all required courses are finished and the Referee chair has had a chance to review and verify your on-court observation, only at that point will a certificate pop-up on the top-left side of your My Account page. Please note that since an on-court observation is required for most all levels, this will delay the certification from appearing at the conclusion of your coursework, as this is a manual process for verifying each and every official.

Club Director/Coach/Junior: Once all required courses are finished, coaches will see a Junior Referee - Coach (Junior Referee on member card) certification pop-up on the left side of My Account page where you will be able to print a certificate (see image). If a certificate does not pop-up, you have not completed the training and most likely have another course to complete until the very end.

Club Directors will not see a certificate as the required courses are informational only pertaining to the club director role.


Step 8

Return to Webpoint and print your member card that will include all your certifications for the season by clicking Member Home on top left corner, then select Print Member Card.

Additional Note: Please utilize the Help Desk within the USAV Academy for any issues while taking the courses. Please select “Report an Issue”, then select “Officiating Training” for the department and indicate “North Country” as your region and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.