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Membership Options

Adult Player NOT Working with Juniors
 Individual Membership Options

North Country Region/USAV members will sign up individually through the North Country Region website-
USAV/NCR Membership provides insurance and SAFE environment in which to train and compete.
Adult Player Membership allows participation in USAV and NCR sanctioned adult events. Adult players, who are working with junior members and/or affiliated with a junior club, would NOT register for Adult Player Memberships.


USAV/NCR Adult Player Full Membership

Membership allows participation in all USAV and NCR sanctioned events, including USAV Adult Nationals.

                USAV/NCR Full Membership              $50 (September 1, 2018-October 31, 2019)

USAV/NCR Adult Player One Event Membership

Membership can be upgraded and unlimited renewals allowed.  If used for multiple renewals only $5.00 applies to upgrade. Cannot participate in USAV Adult Nationals.

                USAV/NCR Adult Player One Event Long Day Membership          $5.00 (One Event, One Date Only)

                USAV/NCR Adult Player One Event Multi Day                                $7.50 (One 2 Day Event Only)

USAV/NCR College Membership

Membership can be purchased by college students who are actively affiliated with College Club teams. A USAV/NCR college membership Cannot be upgraded and Cannot participate in USAV Adult Nationals.

                USAV/NCR College Membership       $24 (September 1, 2018-October 31, 2019)