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Registration Directions

NCR’s registration system is the front porch for your NCR and USA Volleyball registration and is hosted on SportsEngine’s platform.

USA Volleyball’s Webpoint system is the back porch of registration that allows NCR/USAV members to access their individual member profile, print USAV membership card, access training through USAV Academy, view current credentials, and when applicable based on role manage a club’s teams and rosters.


  • Go to NCR’s new online registration - it will link to SportsEngine
  • Already have a SportsEngine account? Then utilize the SportsEngine username and password associated with your other SportsEngine accounts.
  • New to SportsEngine? Then follow prompts and create a new member account.
  • Welcome Page: membership options listed DETAILS of JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS LISTED

Scroll to bottom of each page to CONTINUE:  

Note: Login credentials to SportsEngine may or may not be the same credentials for your USA Volleyball Webpoint credentials. Please write and save credentials in a safe place.

• Complete Registration Process: answer the questions accurately and the registration will guide each registrant to the proper membership based off the answers provided.

• REVIEW THE INFORMATION: registrants name, correct date-of-birth, type of membership

• Payment: SportsEngine accepts credit card information or electronic check information

• Receipt Page: Step One of registration has been completed.  An email receipt will be emailed to the email address associated with your SportsEngine account shortly after registration is completed.

STEP TWO accessing your personal profile on USA Volleyball’s membership system

• Allow 1-2 business days for your membership information to be uploaded into USAV’s membership system (Webpoint)

• Adults affiliated with juniors can expect up 5 business days for membership information to be uploaded into USAVs membership system due to SSCI background screen.

• Go to USA Volleyball’s Webpoint Login Page

• If previously logged into Webpoint then login with Webpoint username and password. 

• If never logged into Webpoint, then select request a login.