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• Certified Polo: white, blue or grey
• Navy Slacks (polyester or wool blends preferred over cotton)
• Plain Colored Face Covering
• White Socks & White Shoes (with no or as little colored accents as possible)
• Black or Navy Belt
• Certification Patch (if applicable): worn on chest in front of right shoulder

Uniform items can be ordered from the following providers:

For newer referees, the following accommodations are allowed at NCR events: 
• Polo can be a plain polo (any color).
• Pants should be a clean dark color.
• Shoes should be clean. Preferred colors that are reserved, such as plain black, white, etc.
• No patch is needed.

Referee Equipment at a minimum, the following is required:
• Whistle with lanyard
• Flipping coin
• Timing device (watch preferred)
• Yellow/Red card 

The following additional equipment is recommended:
• Net chain and/or tape measure
• Ball pump and pressure gauge
• Line Judge flags
• Small referee bag to hold items
• Domestic Competition Regulations (Rule book)