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Transfer Information

Club to Club Transfers

For Clubs:

  1. Send membership assignments to those you wish to add to your club.
  2. The player will need to accept the assignment.
    • North Country Region must approve the second affiliation to a club.
    • The Region is able to do this through the Region's SportsEngine HQ.

Policies and Guidelines


  • If your junior club season finishes prior to USAV Girls/Boys Junior National Championships, then the player is free to join another team at the conclusion of the team's season.
  • If a junior player commits to a portion of a season (winter/spring), then that needs to be clearly defined with the club director so that the player can transfer at the conclusion of the short season.
  • If a player wishes to transfer during the season (season not finished), then the player/parent will need to follow the rules and guidelines of the NCR Letter of Commitment and/or the contract signed with the club.