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Junior Player Membership Guide


North Country Region/USAV members will sign up individually through the North Country Region website-

USAV/NCR Membership provides secondary insurance and a SafeSport environment for all members  in which to train and compete.
You are on the Path to the Podium.  When you join North Country Region Volleyball you are also joining USA Volleyball.  USA Volleyball is the National Governing Body for the sport of volleyball in the United States and you are on your way to being a member.  Join the likes of former North Country Region juniors who are now on the USA Volleyball National Team; it all starts here in your back yard at North Country Region.

Full USAV/NCR Membership – Junior 
Membership covers the individual to participate in all NCR and USAV sanctioned events without restrictions which includes: Regional Bid Tournament, National Qualifiers and USAV Indoor National Championships. 

Full USAV/NCR Junior                $50 (September 1, 2018-October 31, 2019)

Limited USAV/NCR Membership – Junior
Membership covers the individual to participate in seven NCR sanctioned events including Presidents' Day Smack Fest & Area Championships.  Can be upgraded to a full membership. (Restriction of Membership: individual cannot compete in Regional Bid Tournament, USAV National Qualifiers or USAV National Championships).

Limited USAV/NCR Junior                $35 (October 1, 2018-August 31, 2019)

Outdoor Membership - Junior
The Outdoor membership is a full season membership but limited to outdoor programming, including nationally sanctioned outdoor events and national outdoor championship. It does not include participation eligibility for any indoor programming. These memberships may be upgraded to a “full” junior membership. 

Outdoor USAV/NCR Junior                $20 (October 1, 2018-August 31, 2019)


High School Boy Membership - Junior
North Country Region High School Boys player membership option is a limited membership available only to male athletes on high school or middle school – based teams which are not sanctioned by the local state high school association as a school sport.  It allows for participation in North Country Region sanctioned high school or middle school – based leagues, clinics, camps, and tryouts.  It does not allow for participation in other events outside of the region, other events sanctioned by the region, USAV bid tournaments or USAV junior nationals.  Junior boys who already have a current USAV/NCR membership do not need to have the additional boys high school club membership.

High School Boy USAV/NCR Junior                $10 (October 1, 2018-August 31, 2019)


Tryout Membership – Junior 
Membership covers the individual to attend up to 5 tryouts.  If successful at making a team, the Tryout Membership will be rolled over or discounted into a Full or Limited Membership. Expiration date is updated each month to accommodate all tryout dates for clubs in North Country Region.

Tryout USAV/NCR Junior                $10 (October 1, 2018-November 30, 2018)

One Event Membership - Junior
Membership covers an individual to participate for a one day or multi day NCR Sanctioned event including Presidents' Day Smack Fest or Area Championships.  Can be upgraded to a full or limited membership. (Restriction of Membership: one time use ONLY, One event membership long day or multi day is for competition within North Country Region and excludes North Country Region qualifying events, USAV qualifying events and USAV junior national championships). 

One Event USAV/NCR Long Day Junior        $10 (One Event, One Date Only)
One Event USAV/NCR Multi Day Junior        $20 (One 2 day Event Only)

Junior Membership provides online education opportunities: Officiating training and LeadUP