Online Registration – How-To For A Club Director

Home Page of Registration

  • If you have not registered ONLINE, you will need to start with “New Registration” on the right side of the home page.  If you registered online last season 2016-17, please use the Already Registered? Login. portal on the left hand side.
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your password (twice)-it must be seven (7) characters long and contain upper & lower case letters
  • Select your membership type-select Adult working with Junior Program
  • Type the security code-this is not case sensitive

New Member Registration Page

  • It is best to TAB thru each field.
  • Enter all of your personal information.
  • State field-type the first letter of your state and then arrow down to the correct state.
  • Gender field-type of the first letter of your gender (M or F)
  • Participant Role-select all that apply to all of the teams you are involved with. Once you have this done, click somewhere on the screen to close the window. YOU MUST SELECT CLUB DIRECTOR, in order to have access to set-up your club.
  • Read and check the Background screen consent form
  • Read and check the Agreement/Acknowledgement Form
  • Click the Register button
  • If missing information, the system will indicate what items are missing. Correct any information that may be missing and click Register
  • Once you have everything complete, it will say, “Thank you for registering with North Country Region Volleyball.” Print Registration Confirmation or Continue.

Club/Team Management Page

  • It is best to TAB thru each field.
  • Only Club Directors have access to this page.
  • You will see My Clubs, click on Create Club.
  • The system does have access to previous clubs, if you were a registered club last season. Look through the clubs from previous season. Use your mouse to scroll through the list. If you see your club, click on it and select
  • If you do not see your club, click on Create a New club.
  • Type all the information for the new club and click on create. Example: North Country Region.
  • It will state you have successfully added the club. Would you like to create your teams now? Yes to create a team or No.

 Create Team Page

  • It is best to TAB thru the fields.
  • Type Team Name-make sure the team name includes your club name, age level and rank. Example: North Country Region 12-1, North Country Region 12-2.
  • Enter the level of Play (Ages 10-18)
  • Team Rank- team’s rank versus other teams within the same age in YOUR CLUB. If only one team, they would be ranked #1.
  • Gender-Junior Female, Junior Male or Junior Coed.
  • Team Type-the options: League/Summer, Regular Boys, Regular Girls, Up to 12 and under. If you hover over team type options. It will explain each option.
  • Your role with this team-select all that apply and then click on If you are a club director only-this option does not show up as it was automatically generated when you created a club/team.
  • The team name is pre-populated from your club name.
  • Once a Team has been created-it will say North Country Region 12-1 successfully created. Would you like to create another team? Click Yes or No. You can always come back into the system and add more teams.
  • When done creating team(s), the system will bring you back to the Club page. There will be a registration code by each team(s).
  • Please email the code to all of the players, coaches, managers and team representative. This code will allow all individuals affiliated with your team to “join your team.”
  • If you click on one of the teams you created, you can view your roster and the members who have registered.
  • You will need to verify all of your teams. Once verified you will be able to submit payment.
  • Once team (s) are verified you will submit payment. Payment status will change to Pending. NOTE: CLUBS WILL PAY FOR ALL TEAMS MEMBERS AND TEAM FEES.
  • Once North Country Region approves the payment, it will change to Paid.
  • When all of the background screenings have cleared and payment is approved, an email will be sent to you indicating your rosters are approved and ready to be printed.


Import Teams

  • You are able to import all member information, as pre-built teams, from your Club Director login via an excel document.  All teams can be included within one spreadsheet. Refer to “Team Upload Spreadsheet” for further details on completing your membership registration via this process.  
  • It will also be helpful to reference the “Team Upload Field Information.”  This will lay out exactly what information in required in each field of the Team Upload Spreadsheet and how to format that info.  We encourage you to open the Team Upload Spreadsheet and cut/paste your data directly into the spreadsheet.
  • Team(s) must be created in the online registration system before import can be completed.
  • Team name(s) must match exactly within the online registration system and within the Team Upload Spreadsheet for the import to be successful.  
Club Directors MUST provide one of the following items in order to have imported data officially verified by North Country Region.
(a)  Screen shot(s), submitted to, of clubs online registration system specifically showing ALL participants (players and adults) have had the opportunity to review and agree to: Acknowledgement/Use of Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability, Code of Conduct, Background Screen Waiver and Consent (if an adult).    *seeImport Disclosure Form for exact wording to include within your online registration system.
 (b)  SubmitImport Disclosure Form,” complete with signatures for all participants (players and adults) and parents to

Invite Players

From your Club Director login you are able to Email a Registration Code to all of your players and adults working with a junior program “inviting” them to join team upon the conclusion of tryouts.

  • From your Welcome Registration Page, look at your teams list that you already created.
  • Click on Email Code for the team you would like to start building the roster for.
  • Input or cut and paste your teams email addresses into the email dialogue box.
  • Upon sending, your players will receive an email prompting them to register as a member of NCR and to input their team registration code to be “joined” to your team.
  • Players are not required to pay for their NCR membership upon registration.
  • This process can take place before or after individuals register in the online registration system.  If it occurs after, individual will login to account and enter the Team Registration Code.  If it occurs after, the invite email contains a link to where individuals need to register.  They will create their registration and immediately add the Team Registration Code.
  • Club Directors will receive a confirmation email anytime a member joins their club.

Verify Team(s)

Once all of your players are successfully in your club and on their appropriate teams either via the import or invite process, you will view each team roster by selecting each team, verify all information is accurate.

      • Select the Verified box on the Welcome Registration Page under Clubs/Teams
      • Once this Verified box is selected, you will be able to pay


Under payment status, select Not Paid.  This will take you to the Payment area where you can select 1 or all teams to submit payment for.

      • We will allow payments via check, phone or online credit card processing.
      • All information and payment details are secure.

NOTE – Be sure to always check your junk folder for registration confirmation emails and/or for team code emails. Please tell your teams to do so as well.