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Below you will be able to find a comprehensive FAQ for North Country Regions Online Registration.  Should you not find what you are looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

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General FAQ

Is Online Registration utilized by Club Directors or by athletes/parents also?  Online Registration can be used by both, but most extensively by Club Directors.  Athletes/parents are able to create a login and submit their membership information and be sent a Team Registration Code from Club Directors to be connected to their respective team.  Club Directors can also decide to simply upload all membership information via an excel spreadsheet import.

Club Directors will determine how they want to utilize the Online Registration system and relay to their participants how they should register.

I never received a confirmation email indicating I registered in the Online Registration system.  We recommend you always check your junk or spam folders for emails pertaining to your online registration.

Are there additional fees for using the Online Registration system?  There are no additional fees for utilizing online registration.

I am a Club/Team Board Member.  Should I register as a member?  If so, how?  All adults working with junior players must become a member of North Country Region Volleyball  in order to have a Background Screening completed and General Liability Insurance Coverage.  Register within the Online Registration system as an Adult Working with a Junior Program and select Team Representative.

Login FAQ

I am getting an error message indicating the “user name” already exists.    Edit your user name to be something more unique and select continue.

I can not remember my password.  Select the “Forgot User Name or Password” option on the login homepage.

I can not remember my user name.  Select the “Forgot User Name or Password” option on the login homepage.

I am selecting “Forgot User Name or Password” but I am not receiving an email helping me retrieve that information?  Please be sure to check your junk email to make sure it did not land there.  Also, are you certain you created an account previously?  Please note that our NCR Online Registration system is DIFFERENT than the USA Volleyball Academy used for online Officiating (Ref) Training.  If you have an account through the Academy, you will still need to create an account with us as well.

I am getting an error message when creating my password.   Edit your password to be at least seven (7) Characters (symbols, letters & numbers) in length and contain upper & lower case letters.

I am unsure what Membership Type to select when creating my login.  If you hover over the Membership Types in the drop down box, you will see definitions for all four (4) Membership Type options.

I have multiple NCR members in my family.  Can I have one login for my family?  No.  You will create a new registration (username and password) for each member of your family.

Registration FAQ

Nothing happens when I enter my personal information and click register.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the registration page to reference any error messages.  These messages will reference any information you may be missing or possibly data entered incorrectly.  All items marked with a (*) are required fields.

I do not know my Participation Role.  If you hover over the Participation Roles in the drop down box, you will see definitions for all Participation Roles.  If you are still unsure, you should check back with the program you are registering with.

When I make a selection from a drop down box, the drop down box does not go away.  If you click outside of the drop down box, you are able to continue.

I need to edit my personal information.  After you log back in, click on the pencil icon next to your name.

Do I need to sign any Waiver Forms?  All signatures are captured electronically.  By selecting the appropriate check boxes, you are agreeing to: – Acknowledgment/Use Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability, Code of Conduct, Background Screen Consent & Waiver Release.

Junior Player FAQ

I am a Junior Player and also a Manager on a team (more than one role).  How do I add “roles” in my account?  After you have set up your user name, password and registration information, you will be taken to your registration page.  You will be able to view your current registration along with a drop down box.  Click on the drop down area and select Add Role.

I have multiple roles (IE: Junior Player and Manager).  How do I view this information?  After you have set up your user name, password and registration information, you will be taken to your registration page.  You will be able to view your current registration along with a drop down box.  Click on the “role” you would like to view.

I need my USAV #.  Login to your account.  Once you login your USAV # will be visible.

I am going to a tryout and I want to print confirmation that I have registered in the North Country Region Online Registration system.  Login to your account.  Once you login you will see a Print Registration button.

My Coach/Club Director wants me to “Join a Team.”  Login to your account.  Scroll to the “My Teams”  and enter the “Registration Code” provided by your our coach/club director.

I am a Junior Player.  Do I pay my membership fee?  No.  Your club will pay your membership fee.  You are not prompted to submit any payments when you register.

Club Director FAQ

When can I start creating my team rosters?  Adding players to your team rosters SHOULD NOT BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE DATES INDICATED WITHIN THE JUNIOR POLICIES.

How do I change my team rosters?  All roster changes will need to be approved by North Country Region Junior Directors, Jennifer or Sue

Will the Online Registration system collect club fees for my program?  No.  They system is for NCR online membership registration only.  You will still need to collect your club fees via a different method.

Can I email my athletes from within the Online Registration system?  No.  You are ONLY able to email your athletes a “welcome email” from the online registration system which includes a Team Registration Code.  All other team communication will take place “outside” the online registration system.

How do I incorporate Online Registration into my own Tryout Registration system?  If you already collect athlete information via your own registration system, you are able to upload that information into our system to create your teams.  We have created an “Team Upload Spreadsheet” that will assist you in the uploading process.   It will also be helpful to reference the “Team Upload Field Information.”

Please note, you will need to provide verification that all participants (players and adults) have had the opportunity to review and agree to: Acknowledgement/Use of Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability, Code of Conduct, Background Screen Waiver and Consent (if an adult).  *See “Import Disclosure Form.

Will Online Registration collect Medical Release Forms?  No.  This information will still need to be collected via paper and kept for each athlete.  When athletes complete their membership registration their confirmation page will indicate they should fill out the Medical Waiver and Release Form.  However, we encourage all Club Directors to make sure this is being completed and kept within club/coach possession.

I am going to import my Membership Registration into the Online Registration system. When should I complete this import?  It is recommended you do not import any of your team data until you have gathered all relevant information pertaining to all athletes, coaches, club directors, team representatives and chaperones.  Once you have sufficiently gathered all relevant information for your team(s) via the “Team Upload Spreadsheet”, you may upload into the online registration system.

You are able to upload multiple teams at a time via the “Team Upload Spreadsheet”.  Just be certain you have created your teams within the online registration system and that the teams names match exactly in the online registration system and within the “Team Upload Spreadsheet”.

Should I import my whole club into the system or complete the import one team at a time?  We encourage you to have your entire club organized within the “Team Upload Spreadsheet” and only completing the important one time per club.  Athletes are sorted into teams via Team Name therefore all team names within your “Team Upload Spreadsheet” should be EXACTLY the same as how they were named in the Create Teams process.

Do I need to have my athletes height, position and/or uniform # when I upload?  No.  This information is not needed when you upload your team(s) information.  You can, however, log back into your account and add this information at a future date.