Officials Uniform & Equipment

Referee Uniform

  • Certified polo – white, blue or grey (see approved vendors at bottom to purchase)
  • Navy slacks (polyester or wool blends preferred over cotton)
  • White crew socks
  • White shoes (with no or as little colored accents as possible)
  • Black or Navy belt
  • Certification patch (worn on chest in front of right shoulder)

NOTE: For newer referees, the following accommodations are allowed at NCR scheduled events:

  • Polo can be the grey NCR Official polo or just a plain white polo (like HS)
  • Pants can be black. For 1-event officials, khaki’s are acceptable, too.
  • Shoes should be clean. Prefer colors that are reserved, such as plain black, etc.
  • No patch is needed

Referee Equipment

At a minimum, the following is required:

  • Whistle with lanyard
  • Flipping coin
  • Timing device (watch)
  • Yellow/Red card

The following additional equipment is recommended:

  • Net chain and/or tape measure
  • Ball pump and pressure gauge
  • Line Judge flags
  • Small referee bag to hold items
  • Domestic Competition Regulations (Rule book)

Approved Vendors for Uniform and Equipment

The Ref Shop
Time Out For Sports
Roof Sportswear