Officials Training Team

Officials Training Team Opportunities

There are opportunities for members to share their valuable knowledge and skills with others by being a part of any of the following teams. If you feel you are a good fit for one of the roles, please send an email to Brad.

Clinicians for Jr Player/Coaches Clinic

Clinicians provide training to players and coaches in a classroom-like setting. This prepares the teams to self-officiate during the season as well as refreshes them on the rule differences from High School. From Dec-April, in-person clinics take place throughout the entire region creating a need for clinicians in various geographical areas. While many clinicians are advanced officials, it is also possible for coaches and teachers with experience to participate in this role. For continuity, an effort is made to utilize a “core team” of clinicians when they are available and add additional clinicians on high-demand weekends and geographically challenged areas.

Teach-n-Trainers for Jr Tournaments

Teach-n-Trainers provide feedback and training to players, coaches and officials during tournaments. The goal is to assist those officiating in correctly application the rules and mechanics/techniques while fulfilling their work duties at events. This includes all positions (R1, R2, LJ’s, Scorer, and Libero Tracker) for all team present. The trainer will try to reinforce the positive and interrupt the match flow as little as possible. However, knowledge sharing and corrective action of improper officiating may also be necessary. An environment where the participants are open to feedback and learning and the trainer and site-direction work in harmony provides the best results.

Assignments to events will be scheduled by the Region office when trainers are available, at not charge to the event. If a tournament would like to request staffing at their event, this may be possible for a fee, and would need to be requested at least 3 weeks prior to the event.

The skills of the Teach-n-trainers significantly overlap with those of the clinician, and many are on both teams. The ability to positively interact with a variety of ages and abilities in an encouraging way is the most important skill.

Raters/Observers of Officials at Tournaments

Raters formally evaluate officials while they are working events. This is done for consideration of maintaining or advancing a referee’s rating. The levels NCR will evaluate for are Certified, Provisional and Regional, as well as recommendation to apply for becoming a Jr National.

Observers watch officials while they are working events. Feedback given in this role can either be informal (verbal) and/or formal (written). As these observations are designed for learning and growth they will not normally lead to a rating being changed. In extreme cases of critical errors or an official demonstrating consistent work well above their current rating and change may be possible.

In almost all situations, those assigned as observers/raters are highly experienced Regional or higher rated officials.