General Information

North Country Region (NCR) membership provides the opportunity to work for multiple assignors in a variety of roles. A USA Volleyball (USAV) background screen and theoretical training/testing is required to get you started each season. For full-certification, an on-court evaluation will also need to be completed.

Efforts to acknowledge the experience officials have gained in other governing bodies and minimize the redundancies are being worked on, but at this point each organization (High School, College, etc.) has their own testing, membership, background screening and training requirements.

NCR encourages previous players & coaches to get involved in officiating!

It’s a great way to earn some extra money while being involved with a sport you love. Plus, you likely have experience from working at your own events. NCR also hopes to see an expansion of High School and Park-n-rec referee’s crossing-over. The experience and additional opportunities to work will certainly help you grow and improve. You have flexibility to choose which weekends you work.

NCR assigns referees for the following 2017 – 2018 events

  • Molten Series
  • Big City Luau
  • NCR Presidents’ Day
  • NCR Boy’s Events
  • NCR Regional National Bid Events

For information about an event, or to apply, utilize the links above in the “Events to Work” section.

NCR also assigns clinicians for Jr in-person clinics, Teach-n-trainers for Jr Tournaments and Raters/Observers.