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Resources & Certifications

USAV Official Certifications

JUNIOR OFFICIAL:  A junior official is between the ages of 15-17 and has met all the requirements including membership, SafeSport certification, online training and on-court evaluation and is eligible to be assigned to U10-U14 matches in North Country Region.  This stage focuses on the development of basic officiating and score-keeping skills through match experience.  

NEW/APPRENTICE:  An apprentice official has met all the requirements including membership, background screening, and training and is eligible to be assigned to matches in North Country Region.  This stage focuses on the development of basic officiating and score-keeping skills through match experience.  An official remains at this level until they can be observed and recommended to advance.  

PROVISIONAL:  A provisional official has demonstrated and successfully applied volleyball rules and officiating mechanics.  This is a development level but can be permanent if an individual chooses not to advance further. 

REGIONAL:  After serving a minimum of one year as a Provisional Official, one may begin working toward their Regional certification.  A Regional Official may officiate any match at any age level within the Region and must have working knowledge of volleyball rules, proper officiating mechanics, be familiar with the USAV score sheet, know how to transition to the R2 position, and show awareness in rotational faults as well as players' positions on the court.  

JUNIOR NATIONAL: A Junior National Official is certified to officiate any and all USAV-sanctioned junior competition in any of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball.  This includes all USA Volleyball Junior National Championships.  

Becoming a Junior National Official

NATIONAL: A National Official is eligible to work at all USAV-sanctioned competitions including the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships and the USA Volleyball Adult Open National Championships.  

Becoming a National Official

Questions? Ask an Official

One of the missions of North Country Region – USA Volleyball is to support our region members by passing on as much knowledge, information and experience as possible to each of you.  North Country Region is honored to have a well-respected USAV National Official as our Officials Chair, and he is ready to answer your officiating questions and clarify any USAV Rules, so how can we help?  
•    Is this an out of rotation fault?
•    What is the correct signal?
•    Does the R1 or the R2 whistle this fault?
•    Does the R2 repeat this signal?
•    Does the screen rule still exist?
•    When is a delay sanction issued?
Click on the ASK AN OFFICIAL link above and ask away . . . .

Beth Modaff

Officials Director

Phone: 952-831-9150 ext. 6

Evaluations & Ratings Expectations/Guidelines

Where you can be evaluated, how often you need to be evaluated, etc.


NCR and USAV offer evaluations and training for all registered officials as a service to officials.  Evaluation are used to determine readiness for a Regional or National ranking.  Training is offered to all officials, with one training session per two-year cycle required.  Training is provided by a member of the NCR Training Team and is used to provide feedback and help an official become better at their craft.  Failure to complete a training or evaluation session in a two-year cycle may result in the loss of certification.  

Additional training or evaluation sessions can be scheduled if trainers are available.  Evaluations and training session will be completed only at USAV-sanctioned events.  When a full match training or evaluation is conducted, the match fee will go to the trainer, not the official.  

Please contact the Officials Chair if you have any questions about training or evaluations at  If there is an event in your area and you would like to schedule the NCR Training Team to attend, please contact the Officials Coordinator, Beth Modaff, at  


All provisional officials will receive at least one training session per two-year cycle.  The 2021-2022 season starts a new two-year cycle.  Training is offered at scheduled events throughout the season and posted on the NCR website.  Officials should sign up for a scheduled training session.  Sessions may be added throughout the season.  Officials in outlying areas should contact the Officials Chair ( or the Officials Coordinator ( to make arrangements if you are unable to attend a scheduled training session.  Provisional officials will be trained as R1 for at least one set and ideally an entire match.  As time allows, Provisional officials will be trained as R2 as well, but it is not required to obtain or maintain your certification.


Provisional officials that meet the requirements and would like to advance to a Regional ranking should contact the Officials Chair ( or the Officials Coordinator ( to schedule an evaluation.  Officials should be evaluated at least one set as R1 and one set as R2, with a preference to be one match at each position.  Officials will also be evaluated as a Scorer for one match if possible.  The official may or may not be the official scorer for a match.  All Regional officials must receive their Regional Scoring certification by completing the examination and evaluation as a Scorer. 

Exisiting Regional officials may receive a training or evaluation session depending on their situation.  Evaluations will be used to assess the readiness for the next level and may be required periodically to maintain your Regional ranking.  Exisiting Regionals will complete an evaluation and training as R1 and as R2 if possible.  Some tournament situations make it difficult to complete R2 sessions, and we will not penalize an official if we are unable to complete an R2 session, though every effort will be made to ensure you have the opportunity.  An evaluation and training is required once every two-year cycle to maintain your certification.