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The Line-Up Newsletter

By Admin, 04/19/18, 10:00AM CDT


2018 North Country Region Awards

North Country Region Volleyball is seeking nominations from our membership for the following 2018 awards:

FOUNDER AWARD - nominees are NCR members.  Nominees were instrumental within the founding of the region or any initial programming carried out by the region
MERITORIOUS AWARD - nominees are NCR members. Nominees have shown a special act of service or outstanding performance serving volleyball.
COACH OF THE YEAR - nominees are NCR members.  Nominees have demonstrated knowledge of the game, have rapport with his/her team, conduct on the court is positive, give back to the game, rapport with officials, and dedicated to grow the game of volleyball.
PLAYER OF THE YEAR - nominees are NCR members.  Nominees are considered the best in their respective role on the court, rapport with their teammates, rapport with officials, and give back to the game.
CLUB DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR - nominees are NCR members. Nominees lead a successful club or have show positive growth and success over time; respected by club members, club parents, and other club directors; has displayed participation and personal contribution to the community though volunteer work, service clubs, or charity; has displayed leadership through professional actions for the growth of the game in the region.

Nomination Process

  1. Official application can be found at
  2. Deadline for nomination is May 1, 2018 5:00 pm

Practice Plans: Notes From the Executive Director

Watching the snow blow horizontally, hearing the gusts of wind, and seeing more snow in the forecast makes me thankful that volleyball, for this moment in mid-April, keeps me indoors and not in the elements. What an incredible weather start for the month of April.  The beginning of April also was the beginning of my new role and it has been jam-packed! Learning about the staff, organizing a work space, and finding a routine so that a work rhythm can be developed for efficiency are in full go. Having a major snow storm across the region at this time of year...bring it on.

Our highest priority within North Country Region is to build relationships with our members so that we can best serve everyone in our volleyball region. It will obligate the NCR staff to be present at more NCR events. It will push the NCR staff out of some comfort zones to build bridges with our volleyball communities across four states. It will take courage to expand roles and grow our skill set to best meet the needs of members while also growing the game. It will require a continuous growth mindset and a resilience to keep moving forward in spite of challenges or fabled obstructions. Let's set our goals high on what can be achieved together.

From within the North Country Region office, we are already experienced several significant positive changes that are expected to positively impact our region.  We are utilizing the services of a financial officer; we are establishing consistent financial procedures; we are creating a work flow calendar; we are building trust. On the volleyball front, North Country Region along with its members is growing the Boys Volleyball Movement and sharing Sitting Volleyball with United States Military Veterans. As a staff, we are looking forward to creating programming across our region to continuously bring our sport to the forefront. The diligent work behind the scenes will be focused on YOU.  Conversations will put YOU at the center. It is a big YOU both in numbers and in differing needs across four states.  YOU are always a worthwhile conversation and we want those conversations.

Wherever you are in your volleyball season, all the best! Keep enjoying this amazing sport - there is nothing else like it. I look forward to meeting each and everyone one of you.