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Officials are a huge part of our junior tournaments’ success. Safety is our top priority concerning working with junior athletes, and officials are another adult group that we make sure are considered safe before working for North Country Region. There is a process to becoming an official and it leads up to the podium of USA Volleyball, the National Governing Body, where opportunities are limitless. Officials embrace “Volleyball for Life” and they have the upper hand in making an impact on all junior athletes that come into contact with these adults who truly love to surround themselves in this sport for life.

Beth Modaff

Officials Director

Phone: 952-831-9150 ext. 6

One of the missions of North Country Region – USA Volleyball is to support our region members by passing on as much knowledge, information and experience as possible to each of you.  North Country Region is honored to have a well-respected USAV National Official as our Officials Chair, and he is ready to answer your officiating questions and clarify any USAV Rules, so how can we help?  
•    Is this an out of rotation fault?
•    What is the correct signal?
•    Does the R1 or the R2 whistle this fault?
•    Does the R2 repeat this signal?
•    Does the screen rule still exist?
•    When is a delay sanction issued?
Click on the ASK AN OFFICIAL link above and ask away . . . .


APPRENTICE:  An apprentice official has met all the requirements including membership, background screening, and training and is eligible to be assigned to matches in North Country Region.  This stage focuses on the development of basic officiating and score-keeping skills through match experience.  An official remains at this level until they can be observed and recommended to advance.  

PROVISIONAL:  A provisional official has demonstrated and successfully applied volleyball rules and officiating mechanics.  This is a development level but can be permanent if an individual chooses not to advance further. 

REGIONAL:  After serving a minimum of one year as a Provisional Official, one may begin working toward their Regional certification.  A Regional Official may officiate any match at any age level within the Region and must have working knowledge of volleyball rules, proper officiating mechanics, be familiar with the USAV score sheet, know how to transition to the R2 position, and show awareness in rotational faults as well as players' positions on the court.  

JUNIOR NATIONAL: A Junior National Official is certified to officiate any and all USAV-sanctioned junior competition in any of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball.  This includes all USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. 

NATIONAL: A National Official is eligible to work at all USAV-sanctioned competitions including the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships and the USA Volleyball Adult Open National Championships.  

Click on the links below to see how to become an official at each of these levels.

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