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NCR - USA Volleyball Membership





  • once clicking the above link, you will be directed to either login to the parents/guardian/adult in the household SportsEngine Account
  • or if logged into SportsEngine, to select the SportsEngine profile the membership is to be associated
  • quizzard will ask questions to recommend the best membership for the date of birth associated with the person and for the person's role

UPGRADES - members who had a Fall Membership and are upgrading to a 20-21 NCR Full Membership will need to

  • utilize/login to the same Sports Engine account associated with the Fall Membership
  • once logged into the correct Sports Engine account the $15 Fall membership will be applied at the time of purchase




Click on Items in RED to Access Information


Create an Account, Logging In, and My SE Overview These one page PDF’s are simplified instructions for parents/guardians on the most common functions they will complete within the USAV MMS


The process of purchasing memberships will look a little different.  

In order to begin the purchase process, he/she will need to create a free SportsEngine account or login to their existing SportsEngine account (they may have one through other sports organizations that use SportsEngine). 

  1. Membership Direct Link - link is used for members who already  know the membership type that is needed
  2. Quizzard - for members who want more guidance on the specific membership needed 


When you get to the checkout page, you will see two “transactions” that equal the total membership price.  One transaction represents the fees going to NCR, and the other represents the fees going to USAV.  This is different than in the past.  Don't be confused.  You'll still be charged the same amount - you're just going to see an itemized breakdown.  You may also see two separate charges (totaling the amount of your membership) on a credit card statement.

Credit card fees will now be charged in the new system.  The fee is approximately 2.95% of the purchase cost.  This is a choice being made by numerous USAV regions, including NCR, to help offset major budget shortfalls experienced during the loss of the 2020 season.  This is different than in the past.  The region has previously covered all these costs.  Going into the 2020-2021 season, it simply isn't possible for these to be covered by many USAV regions. 

After a membership is purchased, you will receive an e-mail outlining the additional steps necessary to become eligible to participate.  This can include a background screening, SafeSport certification, etc.  Your account will also show these steps.

If a family has multiple players, they can all have their membership information in the same master account, using one set of login credentials (called a "family account").  This is different than past seasons.  In the old system, all individuals had to have their own login.  In SE, the primary account holder would be a parent, and each child would have their own profile within that account.



On September 1st of 2020, USA Volleyball and North County Region will transition to a new membership management system (MMS) administered by SportsEngine.  We will be moving away from Webpoint and utilize the SportsEngine system. This system will be referred to as the USA Volleyball Member Management System (USAV MMS) and will be used for the 20-21 season beginning on September 1st, 2020.


All clubs will have access to, and must use, SportsEngine HQ to manage their clubs for North Country Region and USA Volleyball season. There is a free version and a premium (for-cost) version of SportsEngine HQ. The free version is all that is necessary for clubs to use – they do not have to buy the premium version. Webpoint will no longer be in use starting 9/1/20 although view access in Webpoint is still available through October.


When a membership is purchased, you will not have the option of associating yourself with a club.  The club must send you an invitation, and you must accept it, before you will be associated with a club in the system.  This process must happen before a player or coach can be placed on a roster.  This is different than past seasons.  Previously, you could pick a club during an initial membership purchase.  There will be policies in place that prevent clubs from sending invitations to players prior to tryout dates.

The individual must be listed within the club’s member directory in order for you to send this association invitation and the club must follow all region policies and guidelines.

An individual must have a membership before accepting this invitation. If the clubs send an invitation to someone without a current membership, the individual will be directed to purchase a membership before the association will be completed.


Membership cards in the new system will be digital.  You will have the ability to pull up a QR code on your phone, and that code can be scanned to show all of the relevant information about a member. 


While not all data from the Webpoint system will be migrated over to the new SE MMS, the most important pieces of information will be. When purchasing a membership, the system will look to match the name, DOB, and zip code with a membership record from Webpoint and if a match is found, data migration will happen automatically

Please encourage your athletes, coaches and staff to use the same name, DOB and zip code when purchasing a membership in the new system. This is especially important for adults who have current credentials (background screen, SafeSport, IMPACT, etc.) to ensure those migrate into the new system.

North Country Region has a back up of the 2019-2020 NCR-USAV  purchased memberships and club affiliation in a secured location. 

Learning Management System (LMS) Info

Completing Eligibility Requirements

All individuals will have an eligibility status. An individual who has met all requirements will appear as eligible. Once a membership is purchased, that individual will receive an eligibility email outlining all requirements they still need to meet and will clearly see in their account that there are remaining requirements to be met.

SafeSport Training

This is a member benefit included with the Fall Membership and Full Membership.  If you require SafeSport training, the system will send you a link via e-mail to complete the training.  The system will know which training is appropriate for you (Core vs. Refresher) and will automatically load it for you.

A major benefit of this new system will be a greater ability for both clubs and region staff to ensure everybody meets eligibility requirements prior to being put on a roster.


  • Coaches
  • Club Personnel - Non Coach (club director, chaperones, etc..)
  • Team Managers 17 and under
  • Junior Level Players who will turn 18 prior to August 31, 2021

Juniors who are 18, or who will turn 18 during the season, will be able to select a membership that automatically enrolls them in SafeSport.

Background Screen

Background screenings will be a separate purchase, done after your membership purchase is complete.  This is different than past seasons.  You will automatically receive a link via e-mail to purchase a BGS if you need it.  USAV has changed their background screening policy prior to the 2019-2020 season. The cost to members is  - $35 for two years, which includes a supplemental screening prior to the second season included as a part of the initial purchase.

The member owns their background screen information. North Country Region is only informed of the result and never the details.  North Country Region does collect $5 from each screen to offset the cost of administrative support.

Learning Management System


We are still learning more about how the USAV Academy Learning Management System (LMS) will be integrated with the new platform.  North Country Region is also working on implementing new policies and requirements to make this experience less cumbersome on our members.

We do know that USAV will be using a different system for the LMS next season, called Litmos.  The layout and feel of the system will be very different from what we have become accustomed to  with USAV Academy.

USAV is creating new learning modules that are more age appropriate (i.e. 14-and-under would view slightly simpler content compared to 15-and-older athletes).  This is still a work in progress and USAV is hoping to have this completed by the Fall.

In Webpoint, in order to register for coursework, you would need to go into your Webpoint account and "register" for an "event" that would load your coursework into Academy.  In the new system, you will not need to find these separate "events."  The registration process will be much more streamlined.

As the courses become available to preview and access, the Region will create a shareable plan on how to complete requirements. Stay tuned!