In order to be approved on a Region-USA Volleyball roster, staff and participants, the player and/or staff member will need to be affiliated/attached to a Region-USA Volleyball club.

  • After the administrator sends the invitation for the participant to attach his/her Region-USA Volleyball membership to affiliate with the club
  • Acceptance of the club invite must occur for the participant to be recognized as affiliated with the club
  • Once the invite is sent AND the participant has accepted the invite, the participant will be attached to the club for the 2021-2022 season

Accepting a Public Invitation

The way that the public invitation link is shared may vary - it can be via email, on a website, or a registration form. To accept, click the link and walk through the process of joining the club directory, accepting the club assignment, and purchasing a membership.

Accepting Invitations, Club Assignments and Purchasing Memberships -->

There are two ways an invitation to accept a club assignment is received. Public Invitation - is available to anyone who has the link, and can only be completed using that link. Direct Invitation - is available only to a specific individual, and can be completed either via email or MySE.