What Are Club Assignments

Clubs must send a club assignment request to individuals in order for a membership to be connected to their club.  Once a participant's NCR-USAV membership is affiliated with a club and SAFETY REQUIREMENTS met the participant will show as APPROVED on  the USAV/SE Governing Season roster and therefore be eligible to compete in Region sanctioned and USA Volleyball sanctioned events.


  • Club assignment is the process of assigning the NCR - USA Volleyball membership to a specific USA Volleyball affiliated club.
  • Whether a coach purchased his/her own USA Volleyball membership or the club purchased the coach's USA Volleyball membership, the club assignment process is necessary to have participation fully recognized and team rosters to be approved.
  • Club admins can choose to use  public or direct club assignments.

Should My Club Use Public or Direct Club Assignments?

  • For ease of use, the public club assignment option is the most straightforward and streamlined approach, as it does not require the participant to be in the club directory.
    • Note - Any person with the link is able to purchase a membership and be assigned to that specific club.
  • Admins wanting to narrow control over who receives a club assignment link should utilize the public club assignment option. 
  • It is possible to use both public (open) or direct (closed) club assignments.
  • As a reminder, club assignment is only one step in being eligible to participate - participants may still need to be rostered to teams as well.

More Insight on Public and Direct Club Assignments -->

Club Administrators have many tools which can be used to affiliate a coach or a player to the club. Since it is possible to use both public and direct assignment processes, determine how your club wants to proceed forward.

Send Public Club Assignment Request

  1. From the left navigation menu, click USA Volleyball > Memberships.
  2. On the Memberships page, click Public Club Assignment
    • A link is generated that can be copied and shared to participants either through email or on your website, etc.
    • The system determines the appropriate membership based on their profile and the data provided.

Send A Direct Club Assignment Request

Make sure that the members are in your directory. If not, the participants must be added to the club's directory. Import members (Click Here for How To  -->) before continuing.

  1. Navigate to "SportsEngine HQ"
  2. In the left-hand navigation click Members > Directory.
  3. Use the provided filters to find members you wish to send assignment requests. Members can be filtered by:
    • Membership
    • Registration
    • SportsEngine Profile
  4. Select the boxes on the left-hand side of the screen for each member, and click Send Direct Club Assignment Request.
    • The system sends assignments to all members and determines the appropriate membership based on their profile, and the data provided.
    • You can add additional recipients/groups by searching/selecting them from the "To" box.
  5. Customize the message, and click Send.
  6. Members will receive an "Accept your Assignment Request from your club's name," they can then click Accept Assignment.
    • The maximum amount of people who can be sent an assignment request at a time is 50.
    • If the individual does not already have a membership purchased, they will be directed to purchase a membership before the association is complete.
      • Members can also access their assignment requests in MySE on the Home tab under Club Assignment Requests.
      • If the individual does not already have a membership purchased, they will be directed to purchase a membership before the association is complete.