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Junior age coaches (under the age of 18) who are interested in coaching requirements:  

  • current USAV-NCR full junior membership
  • complete SafeSport Training
  • complete IMPACT 
  • may serve as a manager who assists the adult age coach
  • head coach (adult) must be at practices and matches
  • background screen required if turning 18 during the club season

USA Volleyball Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics

It is the duty and obligation of USA Volleyball affiliated Junior Club Program administrators, directors, coaches and other club personnel to assure the following Code of Ethics is followed and adhered to by all individuals who have an active role in a USA Volleyball Junior Club Program in any Region of USA Volleyball.


In a continuing effort to promote safe, healthy and ethical communication, relationships and treatment of all USA Volleyball players and personnel, all adults associated with a junior club program must read, accept and submit this Code of Ethics before they are eligible to actively participate in a junior club program associated, affiliated, or participating in USA Volleyball.


  1. All adult club personnel affiliated with a junior program must be a registered member with a Region of USA Volleyball and USA Volleyball.
  2. All adult club personnel including coaches, chaperones, assistant coaches, trainers, etc. affiliated with a junior program intending to participate in USA Volleyball must have an approved and current background screen on file as per USA Volleyball policy. It is intended that the term 'all adult club personnel' be all inclusive and not limited to only those categories identified herein.
  3. A head coach or assistant coach affiliated with a junior program must also: be an adult (see Region definition of an adult) and be IMPACT certified according to USA Volleyball and Region policies.
  4. If allowed by Region rules, an assistant coach who has not yet met the age of majority in the state of residence must be supervised by a head coach recognized by the Region and must meet all applicable Region and USA Volleyball requirements. Individuals who are registered as junior players and also have an interest in coaching should contact their region regarding coaching eligibility.