Jr Girls Purchase Labels

Label Purchasing Policy/Agreement || North Country Region/USA Volleyball

North Country Region (“NCR”) may provide access to its member addresses (“List”) exclusively through the purchase of mailing labels for the following purposes only:

(1) promotion of volleyball activities unless in direct conflict with USA Volleyball and/or NCR Policies

(2) promotion of volleyball related services and/or products unless in direct conflict with USA Volleyball and/or NCR Policies.

The List shall be provided at the sole discretion of the Executive Director (with appeal to the Board of Directors) under the following terms.


(1) Content Approval – North Country Region/USA Volleyball MUST pre-approve all materials distributed via the purchase of mailing labels. Mailing unauthorized materials is an automatic breach of this Agreement.

(2) Purchaser agrees the labels and the corresponding names on the List are for ONE-TIME USE ONLY, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Duplication of the labels, duplication of the List, misuse of the List and/or copying any names from the List constitutes violations of this Agreement.


Any violation of this Agreement shall result in forfeiture of the right to purchase Lists in the future. Purchaser hereby acknowledges the irreparable damage that could be caused to NCR’s relationship with its membership base due to misuse of the List. As a result, and in addition to all other damages available to NCR based on violation of this Agreement, Purchaser agrees to pay an amount equal to DOUBLE the rate that would otherwise be owed for proper purchase of the list for any unauthorized use of the List, along with all reasonable costs (including attorney’s fees and court costs) associated with prosecuting violations and recovering damages.


To order, please fill out the below specifics, submit a copy of the material(s) you intend to distribute and provide payment in full for the labels requested.


(1) Active North Country Region/USA Volleyball Members are charged a rate of $0.10/label- Membership cannot be purchased to receive this discounted rate. Must be an active member; in good standing.

(2) Non-members are charged a rate of $0.50/label

(3) All labels will be charged sales tax at the rate of 7.275%. If the Purchaser is a sales tax exempt organization, they must provide an exemption certificate/form-NO EXCEPTION.

(4) NOTE: 5% of the mailing labels may have an invalid address. NCR IS not RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RETURNED LABELS

(5) NCR will give a 5% discount on all mailing labels orders over 1000 in quantity.

(6) No refunds will be issued after purchase has been finalized.

Jr Girls Labels

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  • Payment Section

    Once your label request has been reviewed and approved, you will be contacted for payment information. An invoice will be provided at the conclusion of your transaction.

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