Jr Girls Sanction an Event

Junior Girls Sanction a Tournament Information

Fill out the Sanction a Tournament Application for each date you wish to have an event.  

Once approved, your event will be listed on the Junior Girls Schedule.  

Junior Girls Sanction a Tournament Requirements

  • Event must be implemented exactly as indicated on the Sanction an Event Application and as approved by North Country Region (NCR).
  • All teams participating in NCR sanctioned events must be a member of one of USA Volleyball Regions; ie. North Country Region, Badger Region, Iowa Region.  
  • All Tournament Directors must be a member of NCR.
  • Failure to fulfill any of the Junior Girls Sanction an Event requirements could result in financial penalties and/or sanctions.

Junior Girls Sanction a Tournament Fees

  • Short (1/2 day, no playoffs) event – $3 per team
  • Long (full day, with playoffs) event – $5 per team
  • Multi-Day (more than one-day) event – $8 per team

Tournament Directors will receive an invoice reflecting sanction fees due at the conclusion of event(s).

Dates Not Available to Sanction Events

  • North Country Region Presidents’ Day Festival 
    • Feb. 10 – 11 for ages 14 and under 
    • Feb. 17 – 18 for ages 15-18

SPECIAL NOTE – NCR will allow one-day events for ages 15-18 on Feb 10–11 and for ages 14 and under on Feb. 17–18

  • North Country Region Area Championships 
    • April 28 – 29

Updates to Sanction Tournaments

  • If changes are needed to any of the posted information you provided, please contact Jennifer Brathol.  These changes would include if/when event fills or if the event is cancelled.
  • Be certain to review your information posted and check the tournament schedule often for updated information.

Sanction Other Event Applications

Important Note to NCR Members

If you play in a non-sanctioned event (events not listed on the NCR schedule) but held WITHIN NCR, our secondary medical and general liability insurance will NOT cover participants for those events.