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How to Start a New Club

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2019 Current Club Codes


Adults working with juniors make an impact on youth not only in sports but establishing a balance between physical fitness, emotional well-being, and lifelong lessons.  Having a coach who cares and believes in the juniors with whom he/she works is such a benefit to a junior player's health, active lifestyle healthy and foundation for success.


  • Positively impact a player's life
  • Generate  enthusiasm for good sportsmanship as well as strong dedication to teammates, family and community.
  • Inspire greatness through motivation


  • Teach positive lessons of the value of competition
  • Learn the value of discipline and the rewards reaped from it
  • Self Esteem
  • Positive Mental Attitude  


  • IMPACT Training - basic foundation of volleyball coaching philosophy
  • CAP


  • Background Screening
  • SafeSport Training

New Club Registration

Roster Requirements

NCR Policies

Junior Policies

  • Definition of Terms
  • Recruiting Policy
  • Tryout Policy
  • Commitment Date Policy
  • Recommended Best Practices
  • Boys competing with and/or against Girls
  • Complaints (Informal and Formal)
  • Sanctions
  • Grade Policy
  • Officiating Team Policy
  • Transfer Policy
  • Clubbing Policy

USAV Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics

Forms and How To

Advanced Event Systems Information
Age Definition
Forms and How To

  • How to Print Membership Card
  • Membership Registration Directions
  • Letter of Commitment
  • Medical Release Form
  • Club Director Tryout Flowchart
  • NCR Team Codes
  • Incident Report
  • Medical Claims Form
  • Foreign Participant Teams Policy

Team Registration
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Educational Opportunities