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2019 Coach of the Year

Carla Freschette
12U Coach of the Year

Lake Region Club 12 Black

"Carla has demonstrated patience, love, and kindness to these children and they won their very first full match this past weekend at the NCR Area Championships in Valley City. We were proud of them and her. "

Jen Shimek/Shannah Brent
13U Coach of the Year

Anoka-Ramsey Athletic Association 13-1

"Jen and Shannah are a definite team.  They taught the girls that you needed to bond and have positive attitude to be a top notch team. Their goal was to make well rounded young ladies and not just athletes. I could speak for hours and what unbelievable coaches these ladies are. They volunteered to coach these girls with very little or no compensation."

Beth Modaff
14U Coach of the Year

Monti Club 14-1

"Coach Mo believes not only in developing the athlete but the girl within. Frequently while at tournaments she utilized downtime to focus on growing the individual girl. Conversations around individual motivation, aspirations and the multiple ways to cope with stress. She has taught me so much about volleyball & growing up.  She helps us grow as people.”

Bethany Ball
15U Coach of the Year

Hammerhead 15-Green

"Bethany has helped this team full of girls that were unsure of whether to continue with volleyball to new heights in skill level and confidence. The parents are extremely happy and we have now extended their season to give them even more playing time. Bethany has been a great addition to our club and our region!"

Beth Raebel
16U Coach of the Year

Hammerhead 16-1

"Beth takes the time to fully invest into her team in all aspects from physical training to emotional well being. The feedback from parents has been outstanding. She does all this while being a new mom, her husband throwing out his back and going through the process of selling their home."

Haley Unke
17/18U Coach of the Year

Worthington Juniors 18s & 12s

"She's a full time college student, and 2 sport athlete, who is always on the go! She is coaching two teams for the club, and doing a very solid job at it. She's a hard worker, on the court, and off the court! Haley is passionate about the game, and it shows!"

Randy Claussen
Club Director of the Year

Pipestone Area Club

"Randy has been the club director for Pipestone since the start of the program being offered within the surrounding Area of Pipestone. Randy has also assisted other small towns around our area to begin their own clubs. He assisted these towns by setting up tournaments, making sure all of the kids were registered and helped guide their club directors through their first season. Randy also runs smooth, well planned tournaments where area teams continue to come back to. He often has teams waiting to get into his tournaments as they are some of the best run in the southwest corner of Minnesota. Many teams from South Dakota also come over to play, as they enjoy the facility and tournament layouts that Randy provides. In my eyes, he runs the best tournaments, has unbelievable knowledge of the game and phenomenal rapport with area coaches.  Randy instills hard work and a family atmosphere within the club."