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Tournament Rules

Volleyball for Life

North Country Region is dedicated to provide volleyball opportunities for life! NCR Adult events are relaxed and focus on the camaraderie of volleyball. Grab some friends, and we’ll provide the court.

How to Play

NCR Membership Registration

All participants are required to have a USAV/NCR membership.

Membership Registration

North Country Region’s membership registration is online through Sports Engine.

  1. SportsEngine
    • Already have a SportsEngine account? Then utilize the SportsEngine username and password associated with your other SportsEngine accounts.
    • New to SportsEngine? Then follow prompts and create a new member account.
  2. Complete Registration Process: answer the questions accurately and the registration will guide each registrant to the proper membership based off the answers provided.
  3. Review the information
  4. Payment: SportsEngine accepts credit card information or electronic check information
  5. Receipt Page: an email receipt will be emailed to the email address associated with your SportsEngine account shortly after registration is completed.

Tournament Registration

Tournament registration takes place on AES. Team Captain will register team and pay online. Tournament entry fee is $15 per player.

Team Captain Registration

  1. Click Create Account in the upper right corner
  2. Team captain registers as a Club Director
  3. On Create Club page chose the following
    • USAV Region = North Country Region
    • AAU District = Not Affiliated
    • Club Type = Adult Volleyball
  4. Club Name will be the Team Captain’s last name
  5. Club Code will be a shorten version of the Team Captain’s last name
    • Example: Anderson; ANDSN
  6. Once all information is provided, click Create Club.

Team Creation

  1. Select Teams on the navigation panel, then select Add Team on the bottom right
  2. Enter Gender, Division, Rank, and Team Name
  3. Rosters are not required when registering for NCR Adult tournaments in AES. Do not add players/staff information to the team.

Tournament Registration

  1. Select Registration on the navigation panel, then use filters to locate an event.
    • Example: Region- North Country Region
  2. Click Register next to the chosen event
  3. Continue without roster
  4. Complete tournament registration by clicking Register Team. A registration summary will be provided.
  5. Tournament payment will take place the week of the tournament. Team Captain will be notified of the payment needed ($15 per person) Payment is due no later than the Friday of the tournament.

Roster Information: send all player names to

USAV Open Nationals

Adult Events