About North Country Region Volleyball – Handbook

VISION – Volleyball for LifeTM: for all ages, skills levels and aspects both within and surrounding the game.

MISSION – To provide quality, efficient and organized experiences through playing, coaching, officiating, education and administration. A service organization, we are dedicated to our members and their interests.

PURPOSE – The specific purposes of this corporation are:

  1. To act as the official representative of USA Volleyball within the geographical region assigned to it by USA Volleyball, a Colorado nonprofit corporation.
  2. To foster and conduct regional and national amateur volleyball competition.
  3. To teach the sport of volleyball to youth and adults through clinics conducted by qualified instructors.
  4. To provide lectures, seminars and clinics through which trainees may be schooled in competitive coaching, playing and officiating techniques.
  5. To select and train candidates in the techniques of volleyball in national and international competition, and thereby improve the caliber of candidates representing the United States in Olympic and international competition.

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