Junior Officiating Clinic Information for Players and Coaches

Current Certificates Completed during 2016-17

Updates to this information will be made daily to reflect certificates completed within USA Volleyball Academy.

Coaches   |     Junior Scorers |     Junior Referees updated 05/01/17 @ 8am

General Information for Junior Teams

Review the guidelines for this season before requesting an in-person clinic or beginning any online training.

List of Junior players and coaches who completed scoring and/or referee training last season.

2015-16 |

Communication between coach and player is needed so each player understands what role(s) they will be asked to fill when your team has a work assignment. The following are the combinations offered this season.

  • Jr Player – LJ & Libero tracker  |
  • Jr Player – Scorer & Libero tracker  |
  • Jr Player – Referee & Line Judge  |
  • Jr Coach – all duties (R1, R2, Scorer, Libero, LJ)  |
  • Age upgrade – U12 to U13/14 (for Jr Referee)  |
  • Age upgrade – U13/14 to U15-18 (for Jr Referee)  |

On-line Junior Officiating Clinic Training

It is preferred that clubs utilize the USAV Academy on-line options available to complete the training.

  • Instructions  |
  • Include/update your club code within your profile on USAVA to ensure your training is properly documented.
  • Link to the USAV Academy

Options available through NCR (for teams not attending National/Qualifying events or playing out-of- Region):

Scorer (“Basic” level)        |        Libero Tracker        |        Line Judge


  • Referee training is ONLY available through USAV Academy or by attending an in-person clinic.
  • Direct online training questions to brad@ncrusav.org (please include full name of person doing the training).

In-Person Junior Officiating Clinic Training 

2016-17 Junior Officiating Clinic Schedule | updated 02/27/17

Hosting a Junior Officiating Clinic

Hosting a Junior Officials Clinic Form


  • In-person clinics will ONLY cover Line Judge and Referee training (both R1 and R2).
  • Scoring will NOT be covered at in-person clinics!!!  Players only becoming certified for scoring do NOT need to attend an in-person clinic.  They should complete their training via the NCR website or USAV website.  Libero tracking and Line Judge training is also available on-line.


Set 1 & Set 2
Set 3
Libero Control Sheet
Lineup: 3 sets
Lineup: 3 sets full pool
Libero Control Sheet and Lineup Combo