Officials Training Requirements

Online Training

Officials are expected to complete training on an annual basis. This is available for all officials through an online training site provided by USA Volleyball. The training requirements will vary depending on the official’s experience and certification level.  See the next section to print a list of the required courses, depending on your certification level.

Officials should complete the appropriate items before officiating.  Please print the list of courses for your level from below before proceeding to the online training, as you will need to register for each of the individual courses this season.

Online Instructions for Officials  |  

List Of Courses Required for Each Certification Level

1-Event Only  |

Certified Courses  |

Provisional Courses  |

Regional Courses  |

In-Person Training    

In addition to online training, officials are strongly encouraged to attend one or two of the in-person clinics.  There will be a “social hour” between clinics, with food and beverages provided.

In-person clinics will be on Friday, January 6th, 2017.  Pre-registration is required to avoid a walk-up fee!

  • Sign-up for National and/or Developmental (also called Advancement) clinic(s) here.
  • Sign-up for the social hour and/or Introductory clinic here.

Site will be: North St Paul Community Center: 2290 1st Street North, North St Paul, MN 55109

Three clinic levels will be offered this year.
National clinic: 5:30-7:30 pm (Required for National level officials, open to Regional/Provisional referees)
Developmental clinic: 8-9:30 pm (Appropriate for all levels of referees)
Introductory clinic: 6-7:15 pm (Designed for 1-event referees and newer Certified officials)

On-Court Training/Evaluations (“Ratings”)                                                        

The following events will try to accommodate an on-court observation session or rating for those in attendance as officials.

  • Molten Series Events – preferred event (Saturdays – Certified/Provisional; Sundays – Regional)
  • Big City Luau – possible on Saturday, if Training Team members are available
  • Presidents’ Day Festival – possible on Saturdays, if Training Team members are available
  • Other Events – utilized as-needed when Training Team members are available