Jr Girls Uniform Information

NEW for 2017!!  Libero Jersey Rule – USAV Rule 19.2 (grey box) pages 46-47

Effective immediately, the rule will now read:

The Libero(s) must wear a uniform which clearly contrasts with the rest of the team

This rule supersedes the language and interpretations around the solid color jerseys.

Legal Jersey Numbers – USAV Rule 4.3.3 page 13

The players’ jerseys must be numbered in a permanent manner from 1 to 99 using Arabic numerals.

Duplicate numbers are not allowed.

Number Location & Colors – USAV Rule page 13

(a) Uniform numbers must be clearly visible and centered (both horizontally and vertically) on the players’ chest and upper back. Each jersey must use the same color and number height for all players except the Libero.

(b) Each jersey must use the same color and number height for all players, except the Libero’s jersey, which may have different color and size numbers, provided it still meets the minimum criteria stated in USAV

(c) Color combinations such as purple/black, dark green/black, navy/black, white/light yellow or navy/maroon are not distinctive enough to comply with the rules.

Number Size – USAV Rule page 14

Numbers must be a minimum of 10cm (4″) in height on the chest and 15cm (6″) in height on the back.

It is recommended numbers be a minimum of 15cm (6″) in height on the chest and 20cm (8″) on the back.