Jr Girls Tryout Schedule

SPECIAL NOTES for athletes and families

  • It is highly encouraged to continue to check the tryout schedule as updates are completed often.
  • Please call the contact person listed on the tryout schedule to confirm dates, times, locations and tryout registration process.
  • If you attend a tryout and do not make that team, you may still go to other tryouts.
  • If you made a team and would still like to go to other tryouts, you may do so.   No one can tell you that you cannot.
  • Only attend tryouts for teams for which you are seriously considering playing for.
  • Do not sign a Letter of Commitment for multiple teams.
  • Letter of Commitment |
  • Once you sign a Letter of Commitment, you are committed to that club for the 2016-17 season.
  • Also, no club, can or should, require you to sign a Letter of Commitment before the following tryout dates…
    • 10’s-14’s  — On or after Sunday, October 30
    • 15’s-18’s — On or after the day following the state tournament in which your club resides.

2016 – 2017 Tryout Schedule | updated 11/11/16