Impact Coaches Clinic

IMPACT – Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory

  • There will be NO Impact Coaches Clinics offered before November 1st or after May 31st.
  • All clinics must be posted on our website a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of clinic date.
  • All clinics must be North Country Region (NCR) Volleyball staff approved.
  • All clinics must be open to other club participants.  We will not allow private clinics.
  • All coaches must attend an IMPACT Coaches Clinic at least ONCE during the duration of their Junior coaching career.  However, clinic information does change from year to year.  Therefore coaches are welcome to attend as many clinics as they would like as a member benefit.
  • If there are any fees associated with hosting a clinic; NCR must receive an invoice in order for you or your program to be reimbursed.  NCR must be made aware of any fees involved with hosting at your location before clinic approval.
  • All non-metro clinics MUST be held on a weekend.
  • All clinics MUST be 4 ½ hours in length.
  • All requested clinics MUST be able to accommodate at least 30 coaches.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Any participants that WILL NOT BE NCR MEMBERS during the current season, must pay a $75 registration fee.  This is primarily relevant for coaches from other USA Volleyball Regions.  All NCR members can attend as many Impact Coaches Clinics as they would like as a member benefit.  Contact Jennifer (800-657-6967 or 952-831-9150 ext. 4) or to pre-pay.
  • All clinic participants will pre-register through the NCR website in order to secure their seat in a clinic.
  • Impact Coaches Clinics include SafeSport Certification within the 4 ½ hour course.

Current Impact Certified Coaches

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Hosting an Impact Coaches Clinic

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Impact Coaches Clinic Schedule

All clinics are completed for the 2016 – 17 season


Jennifer or 952-831-9150/800-657-6967 ext. 4