Adult Outdoor Grass R4's Tournament Series

Date & Location

Event Registration-Online


Sundays starting July 21-Aug 11

Cottage Grove Middle School

9775 Indian Blvd S, Cottage Grove


Cottage Grove Middle School

9775 Indian Blvd S, Cottage Grove, MN 55016




R4’s: Played on women’s net (two female players play/attack from the front row; two male players play/attack from the back row).



Sundays starting July 21 through August 11




Doubleheaders begin at 1pm or 3pm (Your starting time will vary each week)


Entry Fee 


 $48/team per week for any 1-2 weeks 


Entry Deadline 


Thursday by 4 PM before each specific Sunday.


What you need to know: 

  Max of 16 teams per series date. Reserve your spot early for each date you plan to attend.

  •Rate your team at initial registration for placement into the series (Top,  Mid, or Lower Level of play). Subsequent registrations are based upon  previous series records.                                           

•Throughout series, each team will play others based on their rankings   from past series scores and rankings (teams will not be allowed to chose what wave they play in)

  •Each team will play 2 matches on each Sunday series, back to back; 8 teams play per wave; each match is 3 sets to 25 (CAP 27), match length is one hour (after 1 hour, 3rd set will be stopped and team with most points wins that set).

•You may play barefoot or in tennis shoes; cleats will not be permitted.

                                     Questions: or 800-657-6967 / 952-831-9150 x 4