Official Online Testing

Each season, every referee is required to take an exam. For Jr. National and National officials this exam must be taken closed book, within a 60 minute time period and you must score 90 or above. You will receive an email directly from the National office with your password.

All other professional referees are required to take form A of the exam online and correct it to 100%. You may take the exam in a group setting, but each person will need to log into the exam so results can be recorded. Please note that the exam randomizes the question order for each participant, so please read the question carefully.

Regardless of your PAVO certification (Local/State/National) be sure to select "Not Yet Certified" for your PAVO rating. This allows you to take the USAV portion of the exam only.

Referee Test *Not required for PLAYERS

  • USA Volleyball would like individuals to attend a clinic before attempting to take this test.
  • Junior Clinicians and Provisional Officials must take EXAM C.  Regional Officials and higher must take EXAM A and Scorekeeping Test.

Referee Test

User name: North Country
Password: NOF226

Scorer Test *Not required for PLAYERS
Scorer Test

User name: North Country
Password: NOF226S

Please select North Country as your region. You may need to follow the instructions for a system's test before the Scorer Form C exam is available to you.